Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mid-week long 'ride'

Spinervals Wisconsin DVD. It was a solid ride, but I did not manage the intensity levels recommended - I am a little frustrated with myself, it's partly mental but it's also the fact that this particular spin bike has quite uneven tension, so that the difference between a tension that gives me low zone 2 and a tension that's too hard to maintain anything like the recommended cadence of 85-95 is basically a knife's edge. Fine for today, I was in zone 2 the whole time with some bits of zone 3 (really a lot of this ride should be zone 3 with some zone 4), I will ride harder on Saturday and Sunday, but it may be that in August I need to put my real bicycle on the trainer for these mid-week rides.

3hr indoor ride (zone 2)

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